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Wendy Britten & Anne Masel

Experienced and Established Clinical Psychologists

UPDATE - May 2022

First, we'd like to thank you for your patience throughout the challenging past two years. 

We are continuing to offer services through Telehealth only at the moment. This is our preference rather than wearing masks, which is mandatory for 'face to face' therapy.

Remember that all our Telehealth sessions are conducted through a safe and secure platform. 
For a Telehealth appointment with Wendy or Anne, please call our main number on (08) 6263 4485.

Please note that Wendy is currently in semi-retirement and is not taking any new patients. She will be available to see existing clients at this time until 30th September when she will become retired from her therapeutic role.

Stay safe!

Please call (08) 6263 4485 to make or change your appointments and please DO NOT EMAIL us for any appointment changes as we may not receive your notification in time.

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