15 May 2022


Thank you once again for checking in on our latest COVID-19 update. 

Well, we're now more than two years into COVID-19 and the changes continue. We would like to thank all our wonderful clients who have travelled the journey with us and have adapted so well to Telehealth throughout this time. We can report that many have continued to make positive gains in their lives having access to Telehealth services. Some have even found it so much more convenient as they can have their sessions in their lunch hour at work without taking up too much time for travelling. 

We would like to advise and remind you that the Australian Government has approved Telehealth services to continue indefinitely and we will continue to offer this service. In addition, 10 extra Medicare rebated sessions are granted for this calendar year. This means up to 20 sessions are available this year under Medicare with a referral from your GP providing you qualify for mental health support. There is a gap payment required as we are a private practice. 


The vaccination schedule is powering on at the booster stage (3rd dose) for many Australians as we strive to comply with requirements for maximum protection for the Australian community. Our state government has continued to be diligent in ensuring our safety, even though this has meant continued strict lockdowns and other necessary restrictions. As the borders are now opening it is in our best interests to stay safe and abide by the rules as directed by our government.


As we are required to wear masks during therapy sessions, we have opted to continue with Telehealth until further notice so we can at least see faces and stay safer in the process. This is in preference to wearing masks during therapy sessions and exposing ourselves and our families to the public at this time. We will not be offering any face to face sessions during this time. However, once we see how things pan out in the future and we are satisfied it is safe to continue with therapy without having to wear masks, we will revert back to our face to face sessions. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the following:


PLEASE DO CALL (08) 6263 4485 in office hours.

Due to the time delay in emailing, it is not suitable for making appointments.


As always, we sincerely wish you and your families good health and well-being!. 

Warmest regards, Wendy and Anne