Fees & Policies


Session Fees

The current fee recommended by the Australian Psychological Society is $267 for a 46-60 minute consultation. 


Our standard consultation fees for 50 minutes remains at $220. 


Payment is due at the time of the consultation.  We have EFTPOS facilities and the option to pay online. Please note that if you pay online you will be required to pay on the day of your consultation. This will ensure a speedy return of your rebate. 


See Referrals and Medicare Rebates (below) for information regarding rebates available through Medicare.  Private health rebates may also be available to you (see below).


Psychological therapy and counselling sessions are GST exempt.  However, services billed to an agency, such as an Employment Assistance Programme (EAP), are subject to GST. 


Report Fees


Reports can be requested for various reasons (e.g. workers compensation, progress reports for legal purposes, etc.).  In such cases, a fee will be charged for the report and this will be subject to GST.  The cost of the report will depend on the length of the report and the time taken to compile it.  You may request a quote for your report beforehand if necessary.


(Please note that we do not do court work that requires comprehensive legal reports.)            




You do not need a referral to see a clinical psychologist.  However, should you qualify to receive a service that offers a rebate through Medicare you will need a referral from your doctor with a ‘Mental Health Treatment Plan’ which is completed, signed and dated.  


Mental Health Treatment Plan


If you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP – Item 2717, 2715, 2700 or 2701) from your doctor, Medicare will provide a rebate for six sessions.  After the initial six sessions, you may request a review (Item 2712 or 2713) from your doctor for a further four sessions.  We need to receive your MHTP on your first visit to ensure you receive your rebate from the start of your course of therapy. 

Please note that we are required to keep your MHTP on file for at least two years. 


Medicare Rebates


The current Medicare rebate to see a clinical psychologist is $129.55 (for a 50-minute session).


Australian Psychological Society (APS) fee: $267.00 (recommended by the APS)


Our fee:                            $220.00

Medicare rebate:           $129.55

Gap:                                   $  90.45



Please note that Medicare only covers a limited amount of sessions (10 sessions per calendar year). You may like to consider going through your private health fund, should you require more than the Medicare allocated sessions.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19 a further 10 sessions are allowed; 20 sessions are available for 2022. 



Private Health Insurance Cover


Many private health insurance companies will cover services to clinical psychologists.  The rebate will depend on the company rebate policy and the amount of cover you are insured for.  To find out how much rebate you will receive back from your private health fund, you will need to contact them directly and ask how much rebate you will receive for services from a ‘clinical psychologist’.


Cancellation Policy


Please note that we request that you give us at least 48 hours notice for all cancellations. As we allocate one hour for each session for consultation and writing up our notes, late cancellations can prevent others on our wait list from having that appointment and cause a significant loss of valuable time. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours you will be charged a late cancellation fee.  If you do not attend your appointment and do not inform us, you will be charged for the time allocated.  Please note that you are not able to claim a rebate from Medicare on late cancellations or missed appointments.  Genuine extenuating circumstances will be considered in this policy.