About Us
Practitioners - Clinical Psychologists

As clinical psychologists, we have post graduate training and are registered with AHPRA with an endorsement in Clinical Psychology. We are also registered with our professional bodies, the Australian Psychological Society (APS), Australian Clinical Psychologists Association (ACPA) and the Institute of Clinical Psychology (ICP).

As an established practice in Mount Lawley over the past 15 years and with collective varied experience prior to that, we are able to offer our services to meet a wide range of psychological needs. This includes issues such as anxiety and panic disorders, depression, grief, adjustment issues and various other mental health difficulties commonly experienced by many.


We continue to seek additional training in areas of interest and have received additional training in treating trauma through EMDR, various other issues through schema therapy and other additional training courses. We have both had an ongoing interest in couple and family therapy over the years we have been in practice and our expertise in this area guides much of our practice. 

We engage in regular peer supervision to ensure we are providing the best possible service to our clients and are both available for consultation at any time for further opinions when needed. We ensure confidentiality in our consultation and supervision processes at all times.

We are a small, friendly and caring team and aim to help people feel comfortable in our presence. We do our best to support people and help them to recover from whatever challenges they are facing. 

About Wendy Britten

Wendy is committed to her therapeutic work and is dedicated to her profession. She has a friendly personality, a positive approach and enjoys helping people to gain confidence and improve their mental health to enable them to live more fulfilling lives. Her main objective is to help people feel empowered by developing their sense of self. 

About Anne Masel

Anne is a competent therapist and her clients find her warm and approachable, enabling them to readily engage in the therapeutic process with her. She is dedicated to empowering others with knowledge and insight that enables them to change their mental health for the better. 

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