Clinical psychologists
Providing quality services:
Counselling and psychotherapy
for a broad range of
mental health issues.

Wendy Britten & Anne Masel

Experienced and Established Clinical Psychologists

COVID-19 UPDATE - We are so grateful that WA has stayed reasonably safe throughout the pandemic and we appreciate the efforts people have made in adjusting to Telehealth through this time. 

Time for another update. We hope you like our new look!
We are continuing to conduct both Telehealth and face to face sessions. All Telehealth sessions are conducted through a safe and secure platform. 
Wendy is available for Telehealth sessions on: 
             Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
             She continues to offer face to face appointments
             every second Saturday.
Anne is available for both Telehealth and face to face appointments as required.

We look forward to seeing you!

Please call 9371 2569 to make or change your appointments and please DO NOT EMAIL us for any appointment changes as we may not receive your notification in time.

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